In our modern world, everyday activities increasingly involve digital technology. Internet and mobile devices changed how we communicate, learn and manage business. Since every profession, occupation requires more or less advanced digital skills, we as educators, are obliged to provide effective ICT learning experience to our students. They are expected to enter future workforce being technologically fluent.

Teachers need to be up to date with fast changing technology to be able to support students in their learning endeavour. Utilising information and communication technologies in schools effectively, is no longer a choice but a necessity. Whether we are digital immigrants or digital natives we are expected to continually develop knowledge and understanding of new technologies.

I started this unit with a lot of enthusiasm as I consider myself a technically gifted digital immigrant. I embrace new technologies and different approaches to learning with certain degree of fear and definitely more excitement. I see technology as a useful tool which supposed to make life easier. Unfortunately, not everything new is better than what we already know and use. New digital media platforms, software and applications are being developed every day. It is impossible to access and get to know them all. Some of the online tools are maybe new and in fashion, but they do not provide same quality performance as software we know already.

One of the many disappointing examples is Sway. I was drawn to this application after seeing bright animated templates of quite interesting presentations. I was unaware though of Sway’s serious limitations. You are not only unable to change the font of the text but also its position. Same problem refers to images that you want to include in the presentation. With only 3 display options you will never know how big or small your images are going to be shown. They change, regardless of your settings, every time you go to different display. Once I chose Sway for my presentation I did not want to give up, even though PowerPoint would be my obvious choice.

After trying Voki, I decided to create an audio file with PowerPoint. Only because it gave me wider choice of displays. I can see though how Voki can be popular with students, especially in primary school setting.

In conclusion, my journey through Teaching and Learning with the Digital World has been extremely engaging and intriguing. I look forward to learning more in the weeks to come and later in my pedagogical pursuits.



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